Spain\’s Balearic Islands are popular holiday destinations, with their near-constant gorgeous weather being one of the main draws, and the largest island in the small chain is Majorca. Or Mallorca, if you are looking at the Spanish spelling. Either way, it is a beach vacation hotspot, but it is still possible to find cheap hotels in Majorca.

Most of the lodging options on Majorca are of the package holiday variety, as most visitors just want an all-inclusive vacation that gives them a swanky hotel room overlooking and not more than a few steps from the beach. Still, you can find cheap hotels in Majorca that you can book without booking a package deal. There are lots of three-star hotels which are great budget options.

The different parts of the island offer different attractions, although the beach is always going to be one of the stars of the show. The capital city of Palma de Mallorca is the island\’s biggest city and is one of the main centers for tourists. There is a mountain range which runs along the west coast of the island, and the area is particularly good for those who are interested in hiking or mountain biking. The resort town of Magaluf is popular with Brits and famous for its nightlife. But no matter which part of the island appeals to you, you should be able to find cheap hotels in Mallorca.

Keep in mind that the high season runs from about April through October, and this is when hotel prices all over the island are going to be at their peak. During this time you may find better rates booking a package holiday, or by hunting for cheap hotels in Mallorca that are a little further from the beaches. Outside this high season, you can often find great discounts on hotels that might otherwise be too costly for your budget.