June 12, 2009


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Almost like a continent in miniature, Peru is an incredible country which offers plenty of things to do. Looking for cheap hotels in Peru cannot be done at random since there are so many places to choose from. Truth be told though, the majority of travelers hike the Inca Trail which leads to Machu Picchu, trek the Amazonian jungle or visit the capital city of Lima.

Depending on where you are heading to, finding a cheap hotel in Peru can be an easy task (just walk into the first hotel you see in the village!) or a longer process filled with searching for the right place and booking in advance. As you might expect, Machu Picchu and Lima tend to be the locations where it’s hard to find a cheap hotel.

Due to the small number of hotels near Machu Picchu, it’s hard to find a good deal especially if you are visiting the place when everyone else is (namely May and June). As for the big cities – Lima and Cusco – it is possible to find cheap hotels in Peru as long as you are willing to stay further away from the city center. The prices are not dependent on the season but on the hotels’ stars (hence, facilities).

Since the cheap hotels are usually located rather away from the attractions in the city you are planning to stay, you always need to factor in transportation from the hotel to the attractions. If you are prepared to sacrifice the facilities for the location, you can easily find some cheap hotels right in the city center – both in Lima and Cusco – but the facilities are rather limited.

Some of the budget options include: Hatuchay Tower Machu Picchu Hotel (minutes away from the Inca citadel, 42 rooms), Hotel El Balcon Dorado (downtown Lima, breakfast included in the room rates) and Hotel Wiracocha (close to the central square in Cusco, close to the train station, 25 rooms).

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