June 12, 2009


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While Westerners may not think of Lebanon as a major tourist destination, this country, which is nestled between Syria, the Mediterranean Sea and Israel has long been a favorite place for Middle Easterners to vacation. With a temperate Mediterranean climate, a long coastline and many beautiful beaches as well as a rich cultural history and a very diverse citizens, it is no wonder Lebanon has long been a favorite place for nearby Middle Easterner’s to flock to in the summer time.

Lebanon’s unique location close to both temperate ocean waters and high mountains inland makes it possible to go skiing in the morning and hang out on the beach in the afternoon. Lebanon is also known as a country rich in natural scenery with beautiful beaches, mountains and valleys.

Lebanon’s capital and largest city of Beirut is a stop for most people visiting Lebanon. Visitors will be impresses by the beautiful and clean downtown of this city where you can hang out in an outdoor sidewalk cafe, hang out in the Place d’Etoile or catch a live show in one of the many bars or nightclubs.

Lebanon is home to many major tourist attractions. There are Roman ruins at Ballbeck, which are among the biggest and most impressive Roman ruins in the world. The Jeria Grotto is another popular tourist attraction. Sometimes considered one of the wonders if the world and is a large network of limestone caves. In fact, the upper caves here house the world’s largest stalactite.

It should be remembered that there are some precautions that should be taken by westerners before traveling to Lebanon. However, as a long standing popular tourist destination and relatively stable country politically, Lebanon has long been considered a fairly safe place to visit. Because of this, there are many accommodation choices depending on where in Lebanon you find yourself.

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