June 12, 2009


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Everyone dreams of a Caribbean vacation, especially when they are sick of shoveling snow in the height of winter. The trouble is that tropical destinations tend to be more expensive – and the prices tend to go up when everyone is trying to escape winter back home. This does not mean, however, that you have to give up hope of ever getting away from the snow and sleet – you just need to be more careful with how you spend your vacation money, starting with booking a cheap hotel in the Caribbean for your trip.

Part of the trick to finding cheap hotels in the Caribbean is being a little flexible with your travel schedule. But another important thing to know is what the hotel scene is like in a given city. If you know what neighborhoods have more budget hotels, you are more likely to find a good deal on your room. So, scroll down a bit to find links to the most popular Caribbean destinations – then, click on those links to find more information about those cities, including some hotel recommendations. And if your island getaway is not listed below, do not worry – you can find cheap hotels anywhere in the Caribbean by entering your travel information into the search box above.

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