June 12, 2009


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Dubai is definitely an up-and-coming tourist destination, and although there is not much in the surrounding desert to see or do the city is trying (successfully) to make a name for itself as a place to come if you want to live the high life. You will find some of the best shopping, fine restaurants and night clubs in Dubai. If all of that sounds like it would make the city not exactly a haven for budget travelers, you are not far off the mark. However, it is still possible to find cheap hotels in Dubai.

One of the things making Dubai such a popular party and shopping destination is its proximity to both Europe and Asia, and the city has also made a concerted effort to make sure tourists are well taken care of. You may just feel like the whole city is built for tourists! This is a desert city, remember, so what is usually considered a high season – summer – is the time of year in Dubai when the weather can be almost unbearably hot. Summer will, therefore, be the time when you can find more cheap hotels in Dubai, but you may find yourself trapped indoors in the air conditioning until after dark.

Budget travelers should keep in mind a few things when trying to find a budget hotel in Dubai. First, you will likely need to adjust your definition of “reasonable prices.” Second, you will need to shop around and book well in advance to find a good deal on a hotel room. Third, if you are planning to visit during the more temperate high season (September until May) you will have to increase your budget accordingly.

There is a youth hostel in Dubai, believe it or not, but for those of you who are more interested in having your own private room than saving that much money there are a few budget hotels (well, budget for Dubai, anyway) to check out. There is the Dream Palace-Hotel next to one of the city’s many malls and not far from downtown. The Pacific Hotel is a few minutes from the main attractions and across the bus station for easy access to public transport. There are two Landmark hotels in Dubai, but the Landmark Hotel (not the Landmark Plaza) is the cheaper option of the two.

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