If taking a vacation to Europe seems too expensive, then plan a getaway to the best European city outside Europe – Buenos Aires. This capital of Argentina is just as beautiful as the European capitals, with an added dash of Latin flavor just for kicks. And the good news is that because Argentina is not as expensive as Europe, you can find cheap hotels in Buenos Aires, even in the city center.

Buenos Aires is a big city, and because it is a pretty popular tourist destination you are likely to find accommodation options in just about every neighborhood. Some of them are more ritzy areas, however, which are going to have a higher concentration of luxury hotels – while others neighborhoods are where you will find both the backpacker hostels and the best nightlife (those two things seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?). Finding cheap hotels in Buenos Aires is largely a matter of looking in the right parts of town.

Most of the city’s neighborhoods will offer at least a few cheap hotel options, but there are a few which have more budget places. The San Telmo area tends to have more cheap hotels than some of the other areas, and it also has lots of hostels. The Palermo neighborhood has more of the kind of upscale small hotels that are always charming, but not always cheap. You may find a bargain there, though, so it it always worth looking. While the Recoleta neighborhood is gorgeous, it is where you will find most of the four-star hotel variety.

Some cheap hotels in Buenos Aires which are worth looking into are the Ayacucho Palace Hotel (a great deal in the Recoleta neighborhood, a few blocks from the cemetery), Livian Guest House (in the Palermo neighborhood, WiFi and breakfast), The Cocker (in San Telmo area, great rates especially for what you get, five suites with modern decor), 1551 Palermo (in the Palermo neighborhood, a budget boutique hotel), and the Recoleta Guest House (a comfortable family-run place in the Recoleta).

Map of Buenos Aires Hotels