For many travelers, England is a great first foreign experience – if for no other reason than English speakers feel like they do not have to learn another language (of course, once you arrive you will realize that this brand of English is something else altogether!). Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the British pound is extremely strong, and has been for decades, making finding a cheap hotel in England extremely difficult.

As with most countries that are popular tourist destinations, you will probably find more cheap hotels in England outside of London than in central London. But of course London is on your list of places to see, right? There is, after all, only one Big Ben! Scroll down a bit to find a link to more information about cheap hotels in London, as well as some other popular tourist cities in England. But if the places you are planning to visit are not listed yet, you can always use the search box at the top of this page to find cheap hotels in any city in England.

Top Locations in England