June 12, 2009

Middle East

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The Middle East is a richly varied part of the world, and cities like Dubai are quickly becoming one of the top tourist party destinations on earth. But because this is an area that knows how to show the rich and famous a good time, do budget travelers have to scratch this off their must-see list of destinations without even going? No – it is possible to find cheap hotels in the Middle East, even in cities like Dubai.

Part of the trick with finding a cheap hotel in the Middle East is going to be timing – knowing when the low season is will help you save lots of money on your hotel. Another trick is being familiar with what neighborhoods or areas are more apt to have more budget properties. But this is not something you can be expected to know on your own, so we are here to help. Just scroll down a bit to find links to the more popular tourist destinations in the Middle East – each of those pages will have information about how to save money on hotels, as well as some recommendations for specific hotels in those cities.

Now, if you do not see the city you are visiting listed, do not worry – you can find a hotel in any city in the Middle East just by putting your travel information into the search box at the top of this page.

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