June 12, 2009


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The city of Jerusalem is one of those cities that has many faces, and many reasons for being a popular place to visit. For starters, it is the capital of Israel, so a center for their government. But even beyond that, this is an extremely important holy city for three of the world’s major religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. So while ordinary tourists visit the city every year, many also come for religious reasons. No matter why you go, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of cheap hotels in Jerusalem.

This is a huge city we are talking about, so obviously there will be lots of cheap hotels in Jerusalem – but finding ones that are close to the sights you want to see may be more of a challenge. If you cannot find a hotel in your price range that is close to the main attractions, then just make sure it is near a bus stop – once you are in the Old City you will want to explore on foot, but getting there and back is easiest by bus.

Jerusalem’s Old City is where most tourists will find the majority of the sights and attractions they have come to see. And even if you are not a religious person who adheres to any of the city’s prominent religions, the temples, mosques, and churches in Jerusalem are some of the most magnificent historic monuments you will see anywhere. Also be sure to check out the Israel Museum, which has a model of what the city looked like thousands of years ago and is also where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept.

A few of the cheap hotels in Jerusalem you might want to look at are Mount of Olives Hotel (in the Old City, family-run hotel, 61 rooms, all en-suite, near many attractions, one room with amazing panoramic views), Dan Panorama Hotel (in the Old City, 292 rooms, WiFi & internet access available, champagne continental breakfast available, on-site lounge/bar & restaurant, indoor parking available, guided tours available), 7 Arches (in the Old City, 200 rooms, all rooms with panoramic views, laundry service, 3 on-site restaurants), Three Arches Hotel (in West Jerusalem, a YMCA hotel, indoor pool, fitness center, on-site restaurant), and The Jerusalem Hotel (near the Old City, family-run hotel, in an old Arab mansion, 14 rooms, all rooms en-suite, free WiFi access, some rooms air-conditioned, 2 on-site restaurants).

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