People have been visiting Miami for years now, happy to do nothing more than soak up the famous sun on the famous beaches – and look at the parade of all the pretty people while they are at it. And anyone who feels like leaving the beach has a great selection of shopping, restaurants and galleries to choose from. It is, therefore, a really popular vacation destination. That means, as you might expect, that finding cheap hotels in Miami can be a challenge.

There is no shortage of hotel rooms in Miami, of course, from the big (and bland) chain hotels to expensive hotels opened by famous designers to even several backpacker hostels (this is, after all, still a popular Spring Break destination for college kids). In among all those options there are some genuine budget places that make getting a cheap hotel in Miami easier, provided you are not trying to book last minute during the peak season. Planning ahead will be your best bet to getting a bargain on a hotel room in Miami.

Another great way to get more value out of your hotel budget is to travel in Miami’s low season. Winter is the high season, because the city’s lovely weather is in stark contrast to much of the rest of the US at that point – so if you can stand the higher temperatures of a Miami summer, you can get a room in a more expensive hotel for a fraction of its high season rates. For instance, Todd Oldham’s designer The Hotel cuts its rates by more than $100 a room during the low season. (It is still not cheap, but might be a more affordable splurge at the right time of year.)

Other hotels to consider looking at which are more consistently in the budget hotel range include The Clay Hotel (this property has both a hostel and a hotel, so it is really for budget travelers but offers private hotel rooms for those who have graduated from dorms), The Loft Hotel (located in South Beach conveniently one block from the beach itself), Villa Paradiso Hotel (in South Beach’s funky Art Deco District with both the ocean and a lush garden nearby), and the Travel Inn Civic Center (close to both the city’s Convention Center and international airport, offering free shuttle services downtown).

Map of Miami Hotels