June 12, 2009

Las Vegas

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If Las Vegas is anything, it is wall-papered with hotels. Most of the big hotels come disguised as casinos or quasi-theme parks, but behind all the neon, slot machines and smokey haze there are thousands upon thousands of hotel rooms in Las Vegas. In other words, the tricky part is not finding a place to lay your head – the tricky part can be finding a cheap hotel in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city with two faces – on the one hand, it is a popular tourist destination which sees floods of leisure travelers descend on the city on Friday and leave again on Sunday. This tourist influx makes hotel rates go up, and understandably so. The problem is, the other face of Las Vegas is that it is a premier trade show and meeting destination. It is tailor-made to host big organizational meetings and shows, which take place during the week – making hotel rates go up. So how can you find a cheap hotel in Las Vegas?

Well, while Las Vegas hotel rates seem to have reason to go up all week long, the prices do tend to be noticeably higher on weekends. So if you can plan your trip to be during the week, you can save some money. Of course, most of the most interesting (and nicest) hotels are right along the famous Las Vegas Strip – and are going to cost a little more. And when you are talking about a vacation in Las Vegas, it is infinitely more fun to stay on The Strip and be surrounded by all the things that are quintessentially Vegas than to be further away.

Some of the more noteworthy hotels in Las Vegas – all along The Strip – are the beautiful Bellagio with its signature musical water show, the pyramid-shaped Luxor, The Venetian with its indoor canal and the new Wynn Las Vegas. Of these, the Luxor is probably the most affordable – the others are more high-end hotels, especially the new Wynn, but if you play your cards right you can still find a room at any one of them without taking out a second mortgage.

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