June 12, 2009


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The country we know as the Philippines is actually a collection of islands – more than 7,000 islands, to be exact – and it will probably not surprise you that the diversity of both natural and man-made attractions scattered around those thousands of islands is incredible. From the chaos of its cities to the overwelming beauty of its jungles and beaches, this country dazzles. And lucky for visitors, almost regardless of where you want to go you will find cheap hotels in the Philippines.

In fact, throughout the cities and towns of this island country you will find more than just cheap hotels in the Philippines to choose from if you are on a budget. Even though the hotels you think will cost more (because they have more stars) usually end up being quite reasonable – if not downright cheap – in comparison to other cities around the world, you can also look for smaller inns and guest houses for a more charming and intimate experience. And if you will be staying for longer than a few days, you might look into the many condos and apartments which are rented out like hotels.

In order to start looking through the cheap hotels in the Philippines, scan the list at the bottom of this page – we have a few of the country’s more popular cities listed there, and if one of them is your destination you can click on the link for more information about the city and even some hotel recommendations. If your destination is not listed, do not worry – just type your travel information into the box at the top of this page, and you will get results for cheap hotels anywhere in the Philippines.

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