June 12, 2009


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Romania’s capital of Bucharest is also the biggest city in the country, and one of its key draws in terms of tourism. This city, also the largest in Eastern Europe, has been compared in the past to Paris – and visitors will find many of the same charms and delights in Bucharest that they will in France’s capital, including beautiful architecture, lovely cafes, and great museums. In addition to all of this, the city is also the primary international entry point for Romania, meaning that there are plenty of cheap hotels in Bucharest you can choose from.

Bucharest is a city with nearly two million people (not counting the surrounding metro area), and although there are other cities which sprawl much more, it is still a good idea to pay attention to the locations of the cheap hotels in Bucharest that you are considering. The metro system has four lines, which make it easy to get around, but only if your hotel is close to a metro station. There are many pretty old buildings in the city, but there are also big, gray, Communist-style concrete blocks – and we know which neighborhood view we would prefer!

What remains of the historic city center is one of the most popular areas for tourists to visit, although some of it was destroyed by Ceausescu, and much of the area is still being renovated. There are lots of interesting museums to check out, with focuses such as art, geology, national history, Jewish history, and traditional Romanian life. The city also has some lovely parks which, in good weather, make for a pleasant break from city attractions.

Some of the cheap hotels in Bucharest you might want to look into are Rembrandt Hotel (in the historic center, boutique hotel, 16 rooms, free internet, fitness room, parking available, free continental breakfast), Golden Tulip Bucharest (downtown, 83 rooms, modern hotel, free parking, free breakfast, free high speed internet access, satellite TV), Hotel Ambasador (downtown, open since 1937, 209 rooms, on-site restaurant, cable TV, Swedish buffet breakfast, parking available, internet & WiFi available, fitness room), and Hotel Capitol (downtown, 80 rooms, cable TV, parking available, free currency exchange office, free breakfast).

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