June 12, 2009


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The city of Mumbai was once known as Bombay, but no matter what the name this city is India’s biggest city – not to mention one of the largest cities on earth. Despite its somewhat overwhelming size, Mumbai is also one of India’s main tourist draws and offers lots of things to do and see, from historic monuments to modern shopping and museums. Most of the tourist attractions are in South Mumbai, and this is also where you will find most of the business and tourist hotels – including many of the cheap hotels in Mumbai.

This is not a city full of budget accommodations, unfortunately, especially when you compare it to other Asian cities. As mentioned, the bulk of the cheap hotels in Mumbai are in South Mumbai, although even those – although cheaper by Mumbai standards – may seem really expensive relatively speaking. Also consider that getting around Mumbai is not terribly easy, so the closer your hotel is to the things you want to see in the city (most of which are in South Mumbai), the better your experience will be.

Mumbai boasts a wide array of interesting attractions, including some Colonial architecture, some of India’s most well-known museums and art galleries, a few beaches (even though you may not want to go in the water!), and even some amazing medieval carvings in caves within the city limits. There are several festivals which occur in Mumbai throughout the year, and some people come just to practice or learn yoga from the masters. This is also a city many people visit for the markets alone, brush up on your haggling skills before you arrive.

A few of the cheap hotels in Mumbai you should consider are Bentley’s Hotel (in South Mumbai, on a quiet street, 37 double rooms, laundry facilities, AC optional), Pals Hotel (about 7km from downtown, cheapest rooms do not have AC, WiFi available), Hotel Singhs International (in West Mumbai, 70 rooms, all rooms with AC, WiFi available), Hotel Rosewood (in South Mumbai, 50 rooms, on-site restaurant, some rooms with AC), and Hotel Manama (in South Mumbai, 45 rooms, on-site restaurant, AC in rooms, laundry service, high-speed internet available).

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