Taking a vacation in Hawaii is the kind of thing many of us dream about – but you probably think that Honolulu is way too expensive, right? Well, start packing your bikini, because there are cheap hotels in Honolulu that will help you stretch your travel budget and make a Hawaii vacation a reality for you, too.

One great way to pay less for your hotel is to travel in a destination’s slow season – but Honolulu does not have much of a slow season. Still, finding a cheap hotel in Honolulu is not impossible. You might try looking in the Spring and Fall, when hotel prices tend to drop a little bit. Of course, everyone who is trying to have a vacation in Hawaii on the cheap is getting the same advice you are, which is why even in the “slow” season the prices do not go down as much as you might like them to!

If you cannot travel in the slow season, or if the slow season prices are not low enough to help your budget entirely, be sure to look for hotels that are further away from the beach. Most of the big resort and chain hotels are clustered right around Waikiki Beach, for obvious reasons, so your chances of finding more cheap hotels in Honolulu will be better if you look in the downtown area instead. You might have to walk a bit or catch a bus to get to the beach from your hotel, but it could save you money.

Aqua Hotels and Resorts seems to have taken over many of the hotels in and around Waikiki, including a few properties they call “Aqua Lite Hotels” – which is their term for budget hotels. A few to consider are the Aqua Waikiki Beachside (pretty good rates, especially considering the location and the complimentary amenities), Aqua Honolulu Prince Hotel (near the shops and restaurants and two blocks from the beach) and Aqua Continental (also two blocks from the beach, with nice ocean and mountain views available). Other budget hotels to look into include the Ilima Hotel (a condo-style hotel in the heart of Waikiki) and the charming Pagoda Hotel (between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki Beach).

Map of Honolulu Hotels