June 12, 2009

Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is not just the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, it is becoming a major tourist hotspot in the region. Lured by the crystal clear waters and fantastic shopping opportunities, visitors are enjoying the tourist infrastructure that is being funded by the incredible oil wealth in the city. Although the prices here for accommodation may still be more expensive than you would ordinarly associate with the word “cheap,” rooms in the cheap hotels in Abu Dhabi are going to be about half of what they are in neighboring Dubai.

The key word for even the cheap hotels in Abu Dhabi – and most especially with the luxury hotels in the city – is opulence. Everything that you can think of is done in an over-the-top fashion. Unfortunately, the hotels are designed with an eye toward luxury and not necessarily toward making things in the city easy to reach. Getting around in Abu Dhabi is tough without a rental car, in fact, and many visitors choose to just take taxis everywhere. There is a bus system, but it is not terribly comprehensive.

Like nearby Dubai, Abu Dhabi’s major tourist attractions are its beaches and its shopping malls. The waters of the Arabian Sea are impossibly blue, and although the scene can look incredibly enticing, the scorching heat in this part of the world can make even the most hardcore sun-worshipper seek refuge indoors. Those indoor shopping malls can come in handy in the hottest seasons, but for some people the malls are the main reason for visiting!

Some of the cheap hotels in Abu Dhabi that you should check out for your trip are Hilton Abu Dhabi Hotel (10 minutes from city center, overlooking the sea, private beach, fitness center, tennis courts, on-site spa, on-site restaurants & jazz bar, 3 pools, parking available), Sheraton Khalidiya Hotel (near shopping & commercial districts, 240 rooms, on-site restaurants, fitness center, rooftop pool, WiFi access available, laundry service, parking available), Hilton Baynunah Hotel (10 minutes from city center, overlooking the city, indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, on-site restaurant & lounge, WiFi & internet access available, free breakfast, laundry service), Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi (walking distance from commercial & business districts, overlooking the sea & public gardens, 275 rooms, fitness center, indoor & outdoor pool, internet access available, laundry service, several on-site restaurants), and InterContinental Abu Dhabi (10 minutes from city center, 390 rooms, internet & WiFi access available, on-site restaurants & bars, fitness center, parking available, outdoor pool, laundry service).

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