The German city of Frankfurt, while a major international gateway to Europe, just is not usually considered to be on the same level as some of Germany’s other great cities. It lacks the many popular attractions of Munich or Berlin, for instance. Still, Frankfurt has some things that are worth visiting, and because of its prominence as a city of business and finance it is also not uncommon to travel there for business reasons. No matter why you go, you will be pleased to know that there are a few cheap hotels in Frankfurt you can choose from.

As with many other cities which are more well-known as business centers than tourist centers, you can often find better deals on hotel rooms on the weekends as opposed to the weekdays. This is because the business travelers are only there for the week, and hotel rooms become empty on the weekends – so even some of the more expensive hotels may end up looking like cheap hotels in Frankfurt if you are visiting the city on a weekend! Also note that if there is a major trade show or other event going on in the city while you are there, hotel rooms at any price may be harder to come by.

Despite its reputation as a city tourists should pass over, there are a few things worth seeing in Frankfurt. There is a long list of nice museums, including an excellent architecture museum and a museum about German film-making, and you could easily exhaust yourself trying to see them all. The city’s skyline is full of tall skyscrapers, and one of them – the Main Tower – has an elevator to the top from which you can get a great view of the city. But most people will probably enjoy hanging out in the old historic center of Frankfurt, which is good to explore on foot.

Some of the cheap hotels in Frankfurt you should look into are Kaiserhof Frankfurt (near central train station, all rooms with sound-proof windows, WiFi & internet access available), Courtyard Frankfurt Messe (located between the airport and city center, 236 rooms, all rooms with balcony, WiFi & internet access available, indoor pool, sauna, fitness center, airport transfer available, laundry service), Memphis Hotel Frankfurt Main (in city center, 42 rooms, WiFi & internet access available, parking available for a fee, all rooms with sound-proof windows, free breakfast), Hotel Tourist (in city center, WiFi & internet access available, free breakfast buffet, shopping & restaurants nearby), and Pension Alpha (near the central train station & Frankfurt Fair, free WiFi & internet access, free breakfast).

Map of Frankfurt Hotels