June 12, 2009

Western Europe

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It used to be that taking a “Grand Tour” through Europe was part of a wealthy person’s education – although it was usually only Western Europe that was included on the itinerary. Nowadays, we are fortunate in that touring Western Europe is not restricted to just the upper classes, but it is expensive enough that it is a good idea to find ways to stretch your travel budget as much as possible. One great way is to stay in cheap hotels in Western Europe.

The region known as Western Europe includes many of the most popular tourist destinations on earth, such as France, Italy and Spain, and is also among the most expensive areas in which to travel these days. Thankfully, there are cheap hotels in Western Europe that will help you save money as you travel. That means you can either extend your trip a bit, or you can afford to make a return trip another time! Scroll down to find the most popular destinations in Western Europe listed – click on those links to get more details about the budget hotels in those cities. And if your city is not listed, do not worry – you can get information about cheap hotels all over Western Europe just by entering your travel information into the search box at the top of this page.

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