June 12, 2009


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The capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo, is not your typical Asian vacation destination. The country and the city are both amazing to visit, and both can also be more difficult to travel in. Still, for those who are up for a travel challenge, the area offers incredible rewards for visitors. There is plenty to see and do, and chances are that you will not run into giant packs of tourists everywhere, either. Plus, it is really kind on the wallet – among other budget-saving things, there are lots of cheap hotels in Colombo.

Certainly, there are high-end hotels in this city, some of which are historic and boutique properties full of antiques and all kinds of swanky amenities. But there are accommodation options in every price range, including plenty of cheap hotels in Colombo for those of you traveling on a budget (but who are not interested in staying in hostels anymore). Of course, you may want to check out the hotels which you think are going to be more expensive just to see the prices – you may find that you can afford a much nicer hotel in Colombo than you might be able to in many other more tourist-infested cities.

There are several museums in Colombo worth checking out, as well as the National Art Gallery. The city also boasts an old fort which has been turned into a combination of offices, hotels, and shops. Some of the best shopping is done in Colombo’s outdoor markets and bazaars, however. You can also enjoy the beaches in Colombo, or just gaze over the water from the pretty promenade which stretches along the sea. Visitors also enjoy exploring the city’s churches and temples, including the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara with its reclining Buddha.

A few of the cheap hotels in Colombo worth looking into are Hotel Renuka (in the city center, 81 rooms, WiFi & internet access available, on-site bar & restaurant, outdoor pool, breakfast buffet included, laundry service, parking available, airport transfer available), Galle Face Hotel (in the city center, 82 rooms, some rooms with ocean view, on-site restaurants & bars, WiFi access available, laundry service, on-site spa with pool & fitness center), Palm Village Hotel (25 minutes outside Colombo on the ocean, 50 rooms, all rooms with balcony or terrace overlooking the sea, on-site restaurant & bar, laundry service, on-site evening entertainment, outdoor pool, tennis court, beach volleyball, golf course nearby), The Park Street Hotel (boutique hotel in central Colombo, 12 rooms, bungalow-style hotel, swimming pool, fitness center, on-site restaurant, internet & WiFi access available), and Grand Oriental Hotel (in the city center, 102 rooms, on-site restaurants & night club, laundry facilities, internet access available, game room).

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