June 12, 2009


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Sydney is truly one of Australia‘s most beautiful cities, and it is easy to see why it is not only such a popular tourist destination but also a popular place for Australians to live as well. This cosmopolitan capital of New South Wales boasts plenty of tourist attractions as well as activities to keep you busy and entertained while you are on vacation. And while hotels here may not cost as much as they do in London or New York, if you are visiting during the high season it pays to do some research to find the cheap hotels in Sydney.

Thankfully for those traveling on a budget (but who are not necessarily interested in going the backpacker hostel route!) Sydney is a big city with lots of neighborhoods outside the city center where you can find a hotel room that does not cost an arm and a leg. Because these areas are not typically right in the city center you will need to get used to using Sydney’s public transportation system – this is easy to do, but you also need to remember that you will be spending a little extra money on transportation each day to get around. Still, you will likely be saving money with this arrangement and a cheap hotel in Sydney.

Some of the areas of Sydney which tend to have more budget hotels are Kings Cross, North Sydney, the neighborhood near Bondi Beach and some parts of the Central Business District (CBD). Kings Cross is one of those neighborhoods that is part funky cafes and part “red light district,” so be careful about where you book your hotel. Staying on Bondi Beach gives you great access to one of Sydney’s best beaches, and often for a bargain price. North Sydney is largely residential, so might be a bit quieter at night. The CBD is also called simply Sydney City, and refers to the heart of Sydney. This is where you will find most of the city’s most expensive hotels, but some parts (especially the southern part) have some cheaper alternatives, too.

In the Sydney CBD, check out the Sydney Central on Wentworth hotel, and in Eastern Sydney (Kings Cross and Bondi Beach included) take a look at the B&B style Hotel 59and the Springfield Lodge. And if you want a bit of rock-and-roll fame to rub off on you during your stay in Sydney, you could always opt for the famous Hotel Altamont where the likes of Mick Jagger have slept. The Altamont, once known for its high exclusivity factor, is now a reasonable option for even budget travelers.

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