South Carolina may not be your top choice when you are considering vacation destinations, but that may just be because you were not aware that the famous beach destination of Myrtle Beach is in South Carolina. No matter where you decide to spend your holiday in this state, however, it is important to try to make your travel budget go as far as it possibly can. And one way to do that is with a cheap hotel in South Carolina.

Your accommodation will be a big chunk of your travel budget, so keeping that expense to a minimum is a good idea. And the good news is that whether you are visiting Myrtle Beach or some other vacation spot, finding a cheap hotel in South Carolina is not impossible. First of all, scroll down to see if the place you are visiting is listed below. If it is, click on that link and you will get information that will help you find a cheap hotel, including some actual hotel recommendations. If your destination is not listed, do not despair – you can look for hotels anywhere in South Carolina, or elsewhere in the world, by entering your travel information into the search box at the top of this page.

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