South Beach is a section of Miami Beach, and it is not particularly large in terms of area – but since it is one of the more popular parts of Miami for visitors, it merits its own article in travel guides for the area. Aside from the beaches, many of the attractions of South Beach are targeting those with richer tastes and money to burn – but despite this, it is not impossible to have a budget vacation in this part of Miami, and there are just enough cheap hotels in South Beach to prove that.

Many of the more well-known accommodation options in South Beach are right in the heart of the area’s famous club scene, because that is one of the biggest draws for tourists to this part of the world. This is a beach by day, party by night town, and for many people it makes sense to be just stumbling distance from the clubs to your bed. The more upscale hotels will undoubtedly have sound proofing to keep out the outside noise, but you should read the descriptions carefully on the cheap hotels in South Beach to make sure they are either in quieter neighborhoods or have taken measures to keep the noise out. Or bring ear plugs!

There are museums and galleries you could enjoy in South Beach, and the area is known for its fine examples of Art Deco architecture, but these are an afterthought to the primary attractions of the town – namely the beaches, the shopping and the nightlife. If just lying on the beautiful white sand bores you after awhile, there are any number of watersports you can participate in, quite a few spas around to pamper you, and countless boutique shops waiting to take your money. At the very least, window shopping in South Beach can be really fun – and that is free.

A few of the cheap hotels in South Beach you might want to consider are The Loft Hotel (boutique hotel, 1 block from Ocean Drive, rooms with fully-equipped kitchens, free WiFi), The Clay Hotel (single/double/family rooms, private patio, fully-equipped kitchen for guest use, 2 blocks from beaches), Cadet Hotel (32 rooms, between the Convention Center and beach, WiFi access available, on-site cafe, private garden/patio area), and Indian Creek Hotel (61rooms, 1 block from beach, free coffee & pastries in the morning, WiFi access available, on-site restaurant).

Map of South Beach Hotels