While you might think that a vacation in Myrtle Beach is the kind of thing that is reserved for rich people who belong to country clubs and play golf every day at home (let alone on vacation), then you may be surprised to know that it is also a great family vacation destination and it is not impossible to find cheap hotels in Myrtle Beach. Yes, you can play golf every day at Myrtle Beach if you want – but the area is also known for its great beaches, restaurants and shopping. And in case you are not a golf whiz, there are lots of miniature golf courses as well – take the kids and have fun.

One of the problems with a budget vacation to Myrtle Beach – and, indeed, with finding a cheap hotel in Myrtle Beach – is that while with some tourist destinations you can visit during the off-season and save lots of money, the main reason to visit Myrtle Beach is the beach… Which is distinctly less enjoyable during the winter! So, since your trip will likely coincide with the city’s most busy period (summer), it pays to do your research and book a hotel well in advance of your visit.

While you could probably find a good deal on a hotel room that was not near the beach, getting to and from Myrtle Beach’s main attraction (especially during the peak season) can be a real hassle and take all the fun out of your vacation. Plus, if you are driving around, parking near the beach can be extremely hard to find. So do yourself a favor and stay at one of the hotels that is either right along the beach or within walking distance. These hotels will be a bit more expensive than the ones further away, but if you plan ahead you can still find a good deal – and you will save yourself the headache of driving to and from the beach each day.

You may also want to consider booking a room in a hotel that offers kitchenettes, as cooking for your family (especially if your kids are picky eaters!) can save both money and your sanity. Some hotels to look at are the Gazebo Inn (an inn with a charming feel and simple rooms), Myrtle Beach Microtel Inn & Suites (six miles from the beach and other area attractions), Paradise Resort (an oceanfront property that is also close to the NASCAR SpeedPark), or even the Camelot by the Sea resort for a little theme-park ambience (there are suits of armor on display, and the staff dress as serfs and handmaidens).

Map of Myrtle Beach Hotels