The easternmost area in Long Island, Montauk is part of the Town of East Hampton. It has always been a major tourist destination so it might not come as a surprise that it can be quite tricky to find cheap hotels in Montauk.

The area comprises six national parks, the oldest active lighthouse in the United States and the oldest cattle ranch in the United States but it’s mostly famous for fishing and surfing. Montauk is considered a “beach resort” and is dotted with resorts, hotels, inns and restaurants. As soon as the weather gets nice, around April, tourists flock here for some fresh and warm air. In fact, many hotels are only open between April and November.

You would be pleased to know that there aren’t any chains – hotel or restaurants- in Montauk. So for those looking for a break from the attack of the fast food and the overly priced famous hotels, this is the place to be. However, finding cheap hotels in Montauk does require a bit of creativity. Look for inns and stay away from high end resorts. Motels are also a good option. As for the location, try to stay further from the popular stretches of beach. Or you can look for places located close to the town.

Some budget places to stay in Montauk include: East Deck Motel Family Resort (open between May and October, 1 mile from Montauk, close to the golf course, 2 to 4 nights minimum depending on the season, basic rooms, all rooms with showers and toilet), Montauk Beachcomber Resort Hotel (88 rooms, across the street from the beach, microwave, dishwasher, bathroom, ocean view) and Albatross Motel (close to the beach, wi-fi, special packages available)

Map of Montauk Hotels