Officially named Santa Catalina Island, this piece of heaven is located just off the coast of Southern California. Catalina Island, as it’s commonly known, is a very popular vacation spot for locals and for those going on cruise. It’s also a great spot to get away from the hustle & bustle of the Californian cities. With that being said it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that cheap hotels on Catalina Island are not hard to find, but the prices aren’t that low.

There are two towns on the island: Avalon and Two Harbors. Neither is large but there are enough things to enjoy. You can play golf, go hiking or fishing. Scuba diving and kayaking are also popular activities. And of course, there’s the beach to enjoy!

As for the accommodation, you can choose between resorts, hotels, lodges, rental apartments and even camping sites. If you are after staying in cheap hotels on Catalina Island, try to stay away from the resorts and the high-end hotels. The majority of places to stay are dotted around Avalon and it doesn’t quite matter where in the (small) town you’ll be staying. A good idea is to look for a suite and share the cost with the friends.

Some of the budget places to stay on Catalina Island include: Catalina Beach House (Avalon, walking distance from the beach, kitchenette, TV, ironic board, phone, packages available), Hotel Catalina (Avalon, Jacuzzi, BBQ area, close to the beach, packages available, ideal for couples) and El Terado Terrace (suites equipped with kitchen, fridge, stove, wi-fi, discounts at restaurants, discounts if you book online, packages available).

Map of Santa Catalina Island Hotels