The British city of Cambridge is particularly known for the breathtaking view of King’s College Chapel from across the River Cam, the hordes of students walking or cycling to classes and the outstanding Gothic architecture. The city is surrounded by heritage villages and ancient monuments, all within quick traveling distance. It might not surprise anyway though that finding cheap hotels in Cambridge is not the easiest task of all.

Located just 50 miles (80 km) from London, Cambridge has always been known as a world-renowned University city. Even if you don’t plan to study here, you can tour the colleges (but not within the Exams period). Then, you can relax in one of the many parks and gardens or expend your knowledge by visiting one of the many museums. Make sure to visit some of the Gothic cathedrals as well.

The majority of the colleges are located really close to the city center so that doesn’t leave too much room for the hotels to be found here as well so you should look for some hotels located a little further away from the city center. The next best choice is to look for some cheap hotels in Cambridge which overlook one of the parks. If you want to save more, look for something located close to the train station.

Some of the budget hotels worth trying in Cambridge include: Holiday Inn Cambridge ( 10 from the city center, 161 rooms, AC, internet, Express by Holiday Inn Cambridge (2 miles from the city center, AC, breakfast included, internet, TV, coffee maker) and Best Western Cambridge Quy Mill Hotel (at the outskirts of Cambridge, 5 miles from the train station, internet, non-smoking, pool).

Map of Cambridge Hotels