While London is certainly the most popular tourist destination in England, the city of Blackpool attracts so many holiday-makers and sun-seekers that it has become the country’s top holiday resort town. England may not be synonymous with sun and beaches, but Blackpool delivers both (in the right seasons!) and has been a popular beach destination for quite awhile. It is also a town with plenty of hotels, so finding a cheap hotel in Blackpool should not be too much trouble.

When Blackpool first became a popular holiday getaway, the accommodation options were primarily either on the very high end of the scale or very simple and inexpensive. Over time, the very simple rooms have been spruced up and made a little less simple (and a little less inexpensive) – but there are still cheap hotels in Blackpool. And since Blackpool is not a huge city, you do not have to be so picky about what “neighborhood” you are staying in. If you want to be close to the main attractions, you may pay a bit more – and you also might be close to the folks who come to Blackpool to party the weekend away until all hours of the night; so if you are not one of those party-goers you may want to opt for a hotel room that is not right at the center to get a little quiet after dark.

Blackpool’s “attractions” are limited, since the main attractions are the Blackpool Pleasure Beach carnival and the beach itself. There is the Blackpool Tower, however, which you will notice looks an awful lot like the Eiffel Tower – and, if you fancy yourself a ballroom dancer, check out the ballroom near the top! When you are done with that “culture,” head back out to the funfair of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and stuff yourself silly on junk food before hopping on the roller coaster.

A few of the budget hotels in Blackpool that are worth looking at are The Grosvernor Hotel (a few minutes’ walk from Blackpool’s attractions, full English breakfast included), the Wynnstay Hotel (they do not allow hen or stag parties, so you will have some quiet in the hotel at night), the Sunnyside Guesthouse (besides the included breakfast, you can also get a picnic lunch packed for your day out), or the Osprey Hotel (which you can book as just a bed and breakfast deal, or include dinner as well).

Map of Blackpool Hotels