There may be other reasons besides a visit to Disneyland to spend time in Anaheim, but it is not likely that you will make a trip to this city in Southern California without hitting the famous theme park while you are there. No matter what your primary reason is for visiting, however, it is a good idea to investigate what cheap hotels in Anaheim you could book for your trip.

The good news for any budget-conscious travelers to the area is that this is a city positively littered with hotels because Disneyland is here. Even if you are planning to spend every day of your trip at the park, you may not want to stay within the park or even on its doorstep – you might want a little break from all that Disney at day’s end – so you will be pleased to know there are tons of cheap hotels in Anaheim to choose from.

One of the bonuses of booking a cheap hotel in Anaheim that is not connected directly to Disneyland is that it means you may be able to enjoy some of the other area sights a little more easily. With a hotel that is not tied to the theme park, you may have more options for hotel shuttles to area attractions. Be sure to check into what excursions or shuttles your hotel offers to see what else you can do while you are in Anaheim.

Some of the cheap hotels in Anaheim worth looking into are the Candy Cane Inn (affordable boutique hotel 250 yards from Disneyland’s main gate, a “Disney Good Neighbor” hotel), the Annabella Hotel (a “Disney Good Neighbor” hotel, California Spanish mission-style hotel, 23 room styles including family rooms for groups up to 5), Peacock Suites (139 rooms, some 3-bedroom suites which are perfect for families), Alpine Inn (a “Disney Good Neighbor” hotel, 100 yards from park’s south entrance), and the Castle Inn (across the street from Disneyland, a “Disney Good Neighbor” hotel).

Map of Anaheim Hotels